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About Adthena's Data

Adthena’s search intelligence platform leverages AI to empower brands, marketers, and agencies to navigate the complexities of digital advertising.

Discover how Adthena uses a blend of machine learning, natural-language-processing, and GenAI to provide unique insight to the world’s leading brands.

Step 1 - Machine learning

Building your Whole Market View™

Adthena’s Whole Market View is the patented technology that drives value for our 300 enterprise customers. This machine-learned technology finds the relevant search terms for a customer’s unique domain, and automatically monitors them daily to uncover new opportunities in the customer’s market.

It automatically assesses millions of search terms from Google Ads, applying our unique relevancy model, to construct a paid search and organic listing auction overview.

Step 2 - Daily data collection

Zero privacy concerns

Our 12 years of historic intelligence is updated daily and establishes a baseline for market share, CTR and CPC calculations in paid search. Adthena learns from this historical data as well as continuously updating it to inform our predictions. 

We use observed data from Google’s search results pages, and never use Personal Identifiable Data, which eliminates any privacy concerns.

Step 3 - Continuous innovation

Custom built AI models

Our data scientists created an innovative AI learning model that automatically categorizes search terms and applies an accurate relevancy model. We identify new opportunities for each of our customers by automatically capturing new terms that relate to new products or competitors coming to the market.

This groundbreaking Natural Language Processing keeps us ahead of the field and allows us to develop new products like Brand Activator and Ad Hijacking Detector (pictured left).

Step 4 - Harnessing GenAI with Ask Arlo

Solution integration

Our innovations are integrated with advanced, generative AI to help customers see through vast data trends and identify immediate actions and ROI. Our in-app Ask Arlo chatbot answers complex questions about a customer’s search marketing performance, market share, and competitive landscape:

  1. Data access and analysis: Running complex queries to fetch data about competitors, search terms, market share, and more.
  2. GenAI conversational abilities: Comprehends various ways in which a question might be asked to deal with ambiguity of searches.
  3. Guided insights generation: Analyzes trends, detects patterns, and provides insights such as identifying competitors or shifts in market.

Vastly more data than any other solution in the market.

Adthena uses AI and machine learning models for optimal performance.

10 TB of new data processed per day Every advertiser has its own ad, message, position, estimated CPC.
200 Google Ads searches analyzed per second Enterprise brands have up to 10,000 search terms in market.
20 million Google SERPs indexed per day Forming a global index of publicly available searches on Google.
12 years of historical data across industries Custom built AI models learn from continuously updated data every day.