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5 Most Common Misconceptions with Machine Learning in Search

By Ashley Fletcher — 5th February 2018 — Competitive Intelligence for Search

It looks like AI and machine learning is going to be a major theme for the search industry in 2018. There have already been quite a few announcements around shiny new AI projects in Adtech/SaaS (and we’re still only a month into the New Year). Across the board, I’ve noticed a trend in the number of enterprise tech tools dialing up the messaging around AI. It’s great for the industry t…

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Aggressive PPC competitors – how to deal with them

By Lorna Gill — 8th September 2017 — Competitive Intelligence for Search

At Adthena, we’ve seen the damage that aggressive competitors can do to your paid search budget. We’ve also seen what a positive difference it can make when you deal with competitors that are bidd…

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By Lorna Gill — 1st September 2017 — Adthena

As parents prepare their children to return to school next week, Britain’s leading retailers have been battling to dominate sales. Adthena data has revealed Next as the leader on the search engin…

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