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Double Glazing: From Cold-Calling to Ad Copy

By Lorna Rose Gill — 20th October 2015 — Adthena

Try as we might, there are a few stereotypes that it’s hard to shake when we think about different jobs, no matter how unfair they might be. Double glazing salesmen are perhaps one of the worst hit…

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Csiro and Paleo Diets Prove Popular Over Summer

By Lorna Rose Gill — 26th May 2015 — Competitive Intelligence for Search

What’s behind the triumphant strategies of Lite n’ Easy, Jenny Craig, and Total Wellbeing Diet, and how can the companies replicate these successes to improve their rankings? (more…)

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What Caused Trivago's Christmas Spike?

By Lorna Rose Gill — 21st January 2015 — Competitive Intelligence for Search

Christmas morning was a happy one for Trivago, as the metasearch engine experienced a spike in its share of paid search traffic on the 25th. The question is: what’s responsible for this Christmas mi…

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Did Consumers Use Payday Loans to Finance Christmas?

By Lorna Rose Gill — 7th January 2015 — Online Marketing

Last year, it was predicted that £35bn would be spent online in December alone. Although the official figures aren't in yet, did this estimate give payday lenders the motivation to endow extravagant…

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When is the Peak for Online Betting?

By Ian O'Rourke — 21st November 2014 — Competitive Intelligence for Search

We investigate the peak times for online betting and how you can use this to your advantage to maximise your advertising strategy. (more…)

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