Your Secret Weapon Against Your Competitors

Get a full view of your competitive landscape with Adthena

Finding a new piece of software to boost your PPC game is an important decision. If you are looking to compare Adthena VS.  other search monitoring platforms, here are three questions you should ask before making your decision.

Do other search monitoring platforms have a brand protection solution that provides you a partial view or an entire view of your competitive landscape?

Adthena’s provides a dynamic data model that is unique for each advertiser, representing your entire relevant search landscape. Powered by patented machine-learning technology, we provide you with the comprehensive data scope and quality required to precisely assess competitive opportunities at scale across your entire market, without limitations.

How does the information provided from other search monitoring platforms differ from what Google already provides you in their Ads Manager?

Adthena provides you with the data required to make informed decisions across your brand’s search strategies.  Our platform provides deep data analysis on competitor moves, brand infringements, market shifts and impact on your campaigns. We go beyond what Google tells you.

Can you ensure your brand is protected from brand-bidding activities and infringements with other search monitoring platforms?

Adthena is the world’s most advanced AI-powered competitive intelligence platform with a state-of-the-art Brand Protection solution helping you monitor your competition while protecting you from infringements.

If you find numbers like these impressive and you’d like to start better monitoring your brand in search, contact us today to see what Adthena can do for your business.

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