Adthena competitors

Adthena vs SEMRush, Similar Web and Google ads Auction Insights

When evaluating new software for your PPC toolkit, there are three key questions you should consider before making your decision.

  • Will you have a full market view?
  • Will you see beyond what Google shows you?
  • Will your brand be protected?

To help you answer those three questions, we have compared Adthena against three PPC software alternatives – SEMRush, Similar Web and Google ads Auction Insights.

Will the view of your complete market be limited?

In the highly-competitive blind auction of Google Ads, you need visibility on what’s happening throughout your market landscape so that you can improve competitiveness, maximize traffic and sales, and ensure efficient allocation of resources.

This level of search engine insight can be restricted, depending on how data is observed, collected, and analyzed.

How Adthena competitors collect their data

Adthena competitors are either directory, keyword, or panel-driven. In most instances, this level of insight results in a partial or inaccurate view of your market and may not represent your audience accurately.

Adthena however, uses AI-driven technology to enable the comprehensive data scope and quality required to precisely assess competitive opportunities and threats at scale across your entire market, without limitations.

Will you gain insights that you can't already see in Google's Auction Insights?

Auction Insights overlooks competitors with low impression share and lacks detail to help understand competitor strategies and their impact on your performance. 

To fill these gaps and gain a more thorough understanding of the market, you require a tool which offers detailed competitive analysis, actionable insights, and trend tracking capabilities.

Can Adthena competitors fill the gaps?

SEMRush and Similar Web insights are all limited to the set of keywords that you provide or their existing directory, either way not providing you with a complete view of the things you care about.

Adthena however, provides a clearer understanding of performance changes, unveiling insights such as competitor traffic performance and bidding strategies. You’ll also be alerted to competitor sales or pricing changes across the entire market.

Can you ensure your brand is protected from brand-bidding and infringements?

Brand Protection is an essential part of paid search as it helps safeguard your brand from competitors, affiliates and resellers capitalising on your brands equity, potentially damaging its reputation and driving up costs.

Will Adthena competitors protect your brand?

Adthena is the world’s most advanced AI-powered search intelligence platform with a state-of-the-art Brand Protection solution that automatically identifies brand bidders, tracks infringements, and enforces agreements. 

The three Adthena alternatives provide a lower level of protection. SEMRush and Similar Web will track brand mentions online.

Adthena vs SEMRush, Similar Web and Google Ads Auction Insights

The paid search channel is as strong as ever, and while other elements of the marketing mix may come and go, PPC remains essential to any competitive strategy. One reason is its unique power to reach in-market consumers.

Finding your new PPC partner is no easy task but with our features comparisons here, you’ll have a better understanding of which features truly matter to your strategy. 


Adthena comparison - SEMRush and Similar Web

Is Adthena right for your brand?

Adthena’s paid search intelligence is a perfect fit for enterprise brands and agencies with a Google Ads spend of over 40k per country, per month. Typically, our customers are experiencing a similar set of challenges. 

  • Reached a ceiling on how many conversions they can drive without sacrificing margin.
  • Cannibalizing organic traffic and wasting budget on traffic they don’t need to be.
  • Struggling to contextualize performance.


Adthena pricing explained

Your annual subscription price will be tailored to your organisation, based on several factors, including the size of the relevant search term and competitor universe that needs monitoring, your custom reporting requirements, and the Adthena solutions you select to include.

Many customers are paying for their entire Adthena subscription using the savings they make with our Brand Activator solution, which stops you paying for clicks when you’re already No.1 organically and there are no other bidders.