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Sink or swim: Are you ready to dive back into your markets?

Find out what’s going on in your competitive markets before you jump back in.

How did Volvo get its edge in the hybrid market?

Find out how the car giant used Search Intelligence to identify 72 new search terms and half their CPA.

Pivot to new markets & optimize your bounce back

In this webinar, VP Marketing, Ashley Fletcher, shares why search is essential for your comeback.

Watch now: Your market entry Relay Team

In this 60 second video, discover how to win together in new markets, and how each member of the marketing team can utilize the right data and tools to win at each stage of the race.

Racing Start: 4 stages to winning in new markets

In this team guide, find out how to win together using Search Intelligence. Whether you’re in-house or agency-side, follow this four-leg relay plan to dominate your rivals and climb the podium.

  • Leg 1:  The CMO scopes the market & potential ROI
  • Leg 2: The Digital Marketing Director optimizes the launch
  • Leg 3: The PPC manager maximizes campaign traction
  • Leg 4: The team celebrates the win & sets the benchmark
  • Summary: Five ways to win together with Search Intelligence

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Download the Guide

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