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Discover which financial services companies are winning in search and why.

We’ve pitted the top 150 financial institutions in the US against one another to see who’s performing best in search marketing. Using our AI-powered, Whole Market View, we’ve analyzed the finance search market and created the CMO Search Intelligence Index. As a marketing leader, this index gives you a benchmark relative to your peers and competitors for the first time.

Search is a barometer for customer intent so if you’re winning in search, you’re winning the market.

Find out how to:

  • Prove the success and value of your marketing program, bring the report straight to the boardroom
  • Strengthen and protect your brand by identifying market opportunities and risks, ensuring that you’re leveraging search to its full potential
  • Make informed decisions and allocate spend where it will have the greatest impact on your business

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A global measure of search marketing success, enabling CMOs to improve their decision making.

The Search Intelligence Index evaluates the search behavior of 150 of the top-performing companies across 11 finance categories and reveals the leading players, trends and benchmarks. Each company’s overall score is averaged by analyzing search performance across three categories:

  •  Market Leadership: Search market dominance – how strong a company is in their industry or category
  •  Search Excellence: Efficiency and effectiveness in search – how precisely a company utilizes search to reach and convert consumers
  •  Brand Ownership: Powerful branded search – what is the value of a company’s brand in search

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