I was so excited when I found out that I was selected to do a week of work experience at Adthena. Being given the opportunity to work with a fantastic team would give me insight into what it’s like to be in a professional setting and encourage me to consider what I may enjoy doing as a career. 

My preconceptions of a company in the city were completely altered when I was greeted with so much positivity. I had feared that I’d be unprepared and out of my depth, but everyone at Adthena was so welcoming and supportive. Lucy, Adthena’s Account Manager, and our team lead for the week, made sure I understood what the company does in greater detail, explaining the fundamentals of digital marketing and introducing me to some key acronyms such as SERP (Search Engine Results Page), PPC (pay per click) vs organic search listings. 

Throughout the week, myself and Mukta, my work experience colleague, got to spend time with various employees from across the business, each of whom educated us on how companies like Adthena deal with company culture and customer success. Along with learning about the business, I also had the opportunity to develop my own writing and presentation skills. We were tasked with a few research and writing projects. Though daunting at first, with constructive feedback from the team, I felt my confidence build throughout the week. 

I found learning about the different roles really interesting, many of the titles were foreign to me, so it was really helpful to understand the different types of roles that exist and what career practices are out there. I was lucky enough to speak with lots of different stakeholders who talked about the company’s marketing strategy, product design and data science. Midweek, we had the amazing opportunity to spend time with the CFO and COO who brought to life what goes into senior managerial roles as well as their personal advice on how to get there. 

Beyond learning about the business functions we also had the chance to explore the technology itself. We were shown how Adthena’s platform works; which brought to life a lot of what we had discussed up until this point. Meeting and exploring these business units made me really think about how I might thrive in a specific role. With this in mind, Mukta and I were able to attend a CV writing workshop which was incredibly valuable and will increase our employability. I will definitely be passing many of the tips I got along to my peers back in school!

My last journey into the Athena office was bittersweet, although I was excited for the day which was filled with engaging tasks, it was upsetting to know that our week was coming to an end. I left Adthena with a sense of pride for the work we put in. I was grateful for the opportunity to develop different skills and meeting different people. I finished the week with far more knowledge of possible career prospects in my future and I know for certain that the skills I accrued with Adthena will follow me throughout my working career. 


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