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Outperform competitors with Adthena’s Whole Market View™

With the world’s only market-driven search intelligence tool at your fingertips, a patented algorithm monitors and detects millions of keywords to give you actionable insight on competitor spend and traffic levels. Uncover powerful keywords you didn’t know existed, thanks to a dynamic keyword set that detects new opportunities, competitors and market changes as they occur.

With this intelligence, you enjoy Adthena’s Whole Market View™  – allowing you to outperform competitors day after day.

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No more competitive blindness – just results

In a blind auction, it’s difficult to second-guess what your competitors are doing and to understand the root causes of fluctuations such as increases in CPC or falling CTR rates . And if you don’t know why campaign performance changes over time, the temptation is to increase spend – with no guarantee of success.

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River Island: 54% traffic increase, 82% boost in sales

“Black Friday is the biggest retail event of the year for us. With Adthena’s real-time data as a part of our strategy, we could act on changes to the SERP and competitor activity immediately. Adthena’s invaluable support, enabled us to maintain a strong share of voice and drive increased traffic to our website.”

Andy Miller PPC Manager, River Island

Gain visibility into competitor strategies

This is why a Whole Market View is essential. Only Adthena’s unique, patented, machine-learned view of competitor activity gives you the intelligence to react quickly to changes in your search landscape. Because you gain visibility into competitor strategies, you can see their bidding cycles and can drill down to a granular level with focused search term and adwords groups across desktop, mobile paid and organic. Being data-driven means you can understand why your performance is changing – allowing you to refine your campaigns and enjoy higher returns on your advertising spend.

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