The Solution

Combining Adthena’s strategic insights with Google Smart Bidding, Vodafone was able to maintain a flexible strategy that leveraged both manual and automated bidding.

Utilizing Adthena’s Market Trend data around new device launches, Vodafone has been able to monitor and optimize towards specific click share targets. Adthena helped identify two competitors who were slow to respond to the product launch and thus leaving clicks on the table right up to the day of the launch. Vodafone used manual bidding to bid aggressively against those competitors and bring in high-volume clicks. Adthena’s Search Term Opportunities report also allowed Vodafone to implement 27 keyword terms across their business line, driving an increase in revenue at a positive ROAS.

In addition, by monitoring direct competitors’ bids with Adthena, Vodafone adjusted their targets on Google Smart Bidding to ensure they captured as many clicks as possible. With that flexible bidding strategy in place, they increased click share by 7% against an ambitious target and sales by 10%.

“Adthena is an absolute necessity for our search team. Leaning on Adthena, we were able to track click share data accurately and timely during the launch to quickly seize opportunities when competitors were slow to respond.”Daniel Foot, Paid Search Specialist, Vodafone

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