Looker Studio

Combine data sources for the complete picture

With Google’s free Looker Studio tool (formerly Data Studio) you’ll be able to consolidate reporting across multiple media channels and data sets, combining Adthena data with organic search, social media, display and more.

Easily share custom reports and accelerate your insights with stakeholders and clients for greater understanding and impact.

Access every Adthena metric to merge with your custom business dashboards

Adthena’s built-in data connector will allow you to choose which data points and dashboards you'd like to display in Looker Studio

Custom metrics & analytics including multiple datasets
Track CPA and multi touch attribution across the funnel
Create your own view for greater flexibility of reporting
Share clean, easy to read data with key stakeholders

Integrate and automate

Build custom data visualizations

Adthena’s built-in data connector will allow you to choose which paid search data points and dashboards you’d like to display in Looker Studio.

Drag and drop critical Adthena paid search data such as market share and market trends, and present alongside Google Analytics 360, Google Ads, Salesforce and LinkedIn Ads – all within one clean and easy-to-understand dashboard.

Adthena’s use and transfer of information received from Google APIs to any other app adheres to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.