The first-of-its-kind index evaluates the leading players and challengers across the search landscape

Adthena, the leader in AI-powered search intelligence, today announced the availability of its Search Intelligence Index – the industry’s first global measure of search engine marketing (SEM) success for chief marketing officers (CMOs). Built around Adthena’s patented Whole Market View technology, which delivers the most comprehensive view of a company’s entire search landscape, the index reveals how leading brands and up-and-coming challengers are performing in SEM, giving CMOs and other marketing leaders a benchmark for their own success. The index will be released on a quarterly basis to evaluate performance, market opportunities, and challenges across various industries.

Paid search advertising is responsible for almost half of internet advertising revenues globally. However, many CMOs are failing to leverage the full power of their paid search programs by viewing search solely as a tactical element of their digital marketing programs, rather than considering the strategic value it can deliver. To gain a better understanding of perceptions towards this marketing function, Adthena recently conducted its 2019 survey of CMOs. The survey revealed that 92% of marketing leaders believe paid search can help them make more informed business decisions, yet 41% have never tracked how competitors in their relevant search landscape are performing. By analyzing a company’s Search Excellence, Market Leadership, and Brand Ownership, Adthena’s Search Intelligence Index enables CMOs to measure the success of their SEM in the context of their competition, industry, and past performance, providing the necessary insights to:

  • Optimize search spend
  • Capitalize on new market opportunities
  • Extend brand awareness and protect mindshare
  • Gain a better understanding of their customer journey
  • Adapt to industry shifts

“Search has become a staple marketing function. Despite this channel making up the largest digital marketing budget line, marketing leaders are failing to leverage its full value,” said Ian O’Rourke, CEO of Adthena. “While SEM has the power to check all the boxes, CMOs are sitting on untapped market and competitor knowledge that could help guide the activities that most affect their bottom line. Our Search Intelligence Index gives CMOs the insight they need to inform the strategic decisions that matter most to them, like driving company growth, improving customer experience, and catalyzing digital transformation.”

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