Signals from search
Adthena analysts looked at search data in five key market sectors to identify dominant challenges and opportunities as we get ready to kick off 2021.

In this report, we share key trends in search and the insights you need to inform your strategy for next year:

  1. Automotive: a stall then a start
  2. Travel: no mood for risk
  3. Gaming: it’s pay to play
  4. Finance: strapped for cash
  5. Retail: hunkering down, not dressing up

What’s certain is that data will remain a vital tool for search marketers who need a window into competitors’ behavior, market shifts, and emerging opportunities as we head into the future.

When it comes to knowing when to reenter your market, when to adjust bids and budgets, how competitor strategies are changing, and where opportunities are emerging – visibility into your search landscape is vital, especially in these unprecedented times.