The Search for Gen Z:

Is the future of search advertising calling for brands to become part of the conversation?

“Gen Z craves a personal, authentic connection. We grew up watching and interacting with YouTube stars who were just like us, not elusive, Hollywood celebrities. We appreciate the chance to engage with authentic, imperfect art.”   

 -Gen Z Survey Respondent

The coming of age of Generation Z represents a landmark moment for advertising. This is the first generation who have grown up in a fully connected digital world. A world where personalized smartphones and omnipresent digital media are simply the norm.

Today, brands need to be tuned in to the wider trends and conversations that are taking place online. They need intelligence on what the competition is saying, what values each brand represents, and leverage this to connect with the needs of young consumers.

Ultimately, it’s the brands that are able to understand the landscape, position their brand authentically, and become part of the conversation.

Featured in this report:

  • Survey results – with key stats and facts on what makes Gen Z tick when it comes to search, ads, and their preferred brands.
  • Exclusive data – on how advertisers are responding to Gen Z audiences with more visual advertising.
  • Case study – on how advertisers are targeting Gen Z with ads that signal new trends in search.

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