The Solution

By using Adthena’s multi-award-winning Local View solution , Atomic 212 is able to benchmark Origin Energy’s share of clicks, impressions, and spend by region. Adthena makes it easy to filter data and search term groups by geography and understand each state’s unique competitive landscape. The agency can see competitor moves and search trends state-by-state and allocate budget accordingly. And as local regulations change, Origin Energy can easily adapt its local ad messaging to stay compliant.

With clear, granular data in hand, Atomic 212 can credibly recommend strategies to its client on biddable media and budgets and justify reallocations to or from a region.

“It’s important that our clients understand the rationale and strategy behind anything we do or recommend. With Adthena, it’s easy to show the Origin Energy team why we propose certain campaign decisions or to shape the business case for location-specific budget adjustments.”

Taylor Suen, Performance Director, Atomic 212
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