The Solution

The Lone Ranger report from Adthena shows when a brand is the sole bidder for a brand term. If they also hold the top organic spot for that term, there’s no reason to continue bidding. Brands can do two things with those savings: reduce their overall marketing spend or reinvest it elsewhere.

Using the report, Avanti West Coast identified a number of high-volume Lone Rangers, and they were able to stop spending on those terms without relinquishing market share to competitors. What’s more, Adthena set alerts to monitor if competitors did start appearing on those brand search terms so Avanti West Coast would know immediately to reenter the auction.

Next, Avanti West Coast wanted to strategically reinvest the savings into generic search terms that would take market share from rivals. They identified key terms using the Adthena Head-to-Head Competitor report and added them to their paid search campaigns. They also identified candidate terms for specific routes and used negative keywords in campaigns where they didn’t have routes.

Maintaining a flexible bidding strategy enabled the company to be more aggressive on specific search terms where they were trying to increase market share.

As a result, Avanti West Coast saved an average of 32.2% each month and increased overall revenue by 13%.

“Adthena helped us identify real spend efficiencies. Through their Lone Rangers, we’re able to stop spending on brand terms and reinvest that budget to areas that are more conducive to acquiring new customers.”

Alison Yarrow, Digital and Media Manager, Avanti West Coast
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