Whole Market View

A complete perspective of your digital landscape

Without visibility on the competitive search landscape, digital marketers are operating in the dark. It’s almost impossible to get the results you need with competitors derailing your search campaigns at every turn.

Powered by machine learning, Adthena’s Whole Market View shows you a complete picture of your entire search landscape. Our unrivalled AI platform enables you to precisely analyze your market, identify the right opportunities and optimize your strategy to improve campaign performance and ROI.

Competitive intelligence at your fingertips

Adthena’s Whole Market View is a dynamic dataset, custom-built around your competitors’ search activity as well as your own. This dataset refreshes every day and expands to gather intelligence from new market movements. 

You’ll immediately gain access to relevant insights based on your unique search term landscape. Make decisions with confidence, knowing that our AI is automatically building out your search universe to capture data on every search term relevant to you.



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How it works

Here’s how we create your Whole Market View: 

  • Website Content Analysis: Your website is evaluated for keywords to create a unique keyword universe.
  • Keyword Expansion: Your keyword list is expanded by mining the search engine results pages for all of these terms, creating separate keyword universes for each of your competitors. 
  • Search Queries: Your data is combined with your competitors’ data to create a rich map of your entire search market with thousands of potential keywords.
  • Relevancy Process: Our patented relevancy process automatically removes any low-volume or irrelevant keywords.
  • Whole Market View: Adthena generates a bespoke search landscape for your organization, defined by your business objectives and marketing activity – your Whole Market View™.
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Why trust us for your data

All data collected by Adthena’s Whole Market View technology is publicly available information on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). We do not collect or process any PII data. What makes our technology unique is its ability to identify and analyze the most relevant data for each individual advertiser.

Building your Whole Market View is completely independent of the data of our other clients. Adthena monitors the SERP closer than anyone else in the industry, helping you leverage gaps and understand your competitors’ strategies so that you can take action and succeed.




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"Adthena’s level of keyword and competitor data granularity cannot be found in any of our existing partners. Furthermore, we’re now able to invest time in what matters the most for our clients, optimizing their campaigns and developing winning strategies."

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