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Adthena’s partnership with Kantar, the world leader in data, research and consulting, sees Adthena’s multi-award-winning Paid Search intelligence data integrated into Kantar’s advertising monitoring and measurement offer globally. And since October 2021, this new cross-advertising monitoring standard has been available to brands in France, allowing them to easily track competitive Paid Search activities, and adapt their strategies for greater success.

In this article, Adthena’s regional lead for France, Elodie Vincenti, talks to Agathe Le Moel, Senior Digital Consultant at Kantar France, about how brands can set their digital marketing strategies for success in 2022.

About Agathe

With 15+ years experience in digital media, Agathe’s role at Kantar involves conducting competitive reviews of brands’ digital campaigns and strategies. She’s also involved in data analysis of Search, Social and Display media, supporting global Product teams in the innovation and evolution of digital monitoring solutions, and managing tech and data partner relationships.


Elodie: Agathe, tell us about what you especially love about media measurement?

Agathe: I’m passionate about helping brands be as successful as they possibly can be with their digital media strategies. Media measurement and market research help to do that by providing an understanding of consumer behavior, which forms a vision of the market and how a brand can adapt their strategies to improve results.

Elodie: What key challenges are your customers facing at the moment in regard to their digital media strategies?

Agathe: Since the pandemic took hold in 2020, media strategies have been under a lot of pressure to deliver, and with constant shifts in the market, brands are left with a lot of unknowns. Without media monitoring data, brands are operating in the dark. Knowing what your competitors are doing and with which messages, can really help a brand stand out and capture more customers.

Elodie: Based on the broad overview of analysis of consumer and market insights that you see in your role, what advice would you give to brands on their digital marketing strategies as we head into 2022? 

Agathe: The Internet is constantly moving, but the pace of change over the last two years is like nothing we’ve seen before. We are currently experiencing a strong shift in the entire market driven by digital. In particular, GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft) have made great progress as communication mediums, and also as advertising platforms themselves.

Brands must consider their digital performance with cross-media strategies, more than ever before. The consumption and use of media have evolved heavily, particularly because of the pandemic. Messages and communication placements need to be even more tailored and relevant. 

Elodie: Tell us more about how brands can use data to understand consumer behavior?

Agathe: Kantar’s various media measures across social, search, display and more, allow a brand to understand the competitive landscape including which levers are activated, by which brands, in which proportions and over which period. Additionally, we have a view of advertising creatives, on which we can do quantitative and qualitative analysis – and all of these insights together inform the client where they need to adapt their strategies. We not only analyse users’ behaviour, but we also allow brands to activate these insights in specific segments in programmatic, on social networks.

Elodie: Where do you see paid search fitting into the bigger digital picture?

Agathe: It’s important to access data to understand what the market is doing, to analyse the advertising tactics of leaders. Search makes up more than 40% of digital advertising investments in France, so our partnership with Adthena to provide search intelligence insights is key to providing ever-better support to our clients.

Competition has increased, particularly in e-commerce. This is why it is important for brands to monitor and protect the use of their name in search by resellers in accordance with the rules defined between them. Adthena has an hourly monitoring and an alert system that allows brands to be reassured about their brand protection in search.


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Brands in France can now access Adthena’s market-leading search intelligence platform directly, joining over 300 leading brands and agencies, including Nespresso, EDF Energy, Eurostar, Volkswagen, L’Oreal and Marks & Spencer. For more information contact Elodie Vincenti in Paris at