UNTUCKit unlocks $54k with Adthena’s Brand Activator

Prior to implementing Brand Activator, UNTUCKit faced challenges in measuring incrementality and efficiently managing brand search spend. The team lacked a tool that could dynamically adjust brand paid search campaigns based on competitive presence, leading to increased CPCs and wasted ad spend.

$54k saved in just 6 months
Exec team updates Bi monthly Incrementality Data report
Competitor insights Understanding of competitors bidding on brand terms

Main challenges

Communication with Affiliate Partners

The absence of incrementality studies since 2018 left the team uncertain about the true impact of their brand advertising efforts. This became a crucial concern for the CEO, who sought a solution to measure the incremental value of their paid brand search campaigns.

Manual Management

Without a dedicated tool like Brand Activator, it required the team to manage brand advertising manually. They also did not have visibility and automation to optimize ad spend based on the competitive landscape.


UNTUCKit started using Adthena’s Brand Activator. The tool provided real-time insights into competitor activity and allowed the brand to display ads only when necessary—during periods of competitive presence. This dynamic adjustment reduced unnecessary ad spend and allowed organic traffic to capture brand visibility when competitors were absent.

Improved Efficiency

Brand Activator contributed to significant improvements in brand paid search efficiencies with the ability to adjust ad visibility based on competitor presence resulting in a more streamlined and efficient approach to brand advertising.

Trusted Incremental Studies data

UNTUCKit used to pause ads on Sunday evenings when they ran NFL commercials and saw a big influx in traffic. They no longer have to do this because of the trust in the incrementality of branded results thanks to Adthena’s Brand Activator.

Weekly Performance Tracking

Weekly performance touch points across the digital, e-commerce and finance departments provided metrics and competitor activities allowing the team to stay informed, make data-driven decisions, and showcase tangible results, including a significant $54,000 in savings over six months.

Exceeding customer expectations

Adthena’s Brand Activator has allowed us to feel a lot more confident in the incrementality of our branded search results. We know when we are spending on the keywords needed to avoid competitors picking up our traffic.

Rhonda Albaneze
Digital Marketing Director

Stop needlessly wasting budget with Brand Activator

Take a step-by-step tour of Adthena Brand Activator and see how to identify wasted brand spend.

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