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Scroll down to explore insights, blogs and videos to help you defend your brand from rivals and infringers. Plus: read the guide to Brand Crashers: how to get rid of them & what to do next in six easily digestible stepsDownload the guide

Who are the cannibals and thieves biting into your brand in search?

Get the lowdown brand threats, from bidding to infringements and everything in between

Dear Enterprise, we need to talk about your brand

Discover five ways Enterprise Rent-A-Car can improve their clickshare, and how you can too.

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Stop overbidding for what’s yours: Using AI to build brand equity

Learn how to use AI-driven strategies to protect your brand, bid smarter & boost search ROI.

Watch now: Are you losing over 20% of your brand clickshare?

In this 60 second video, discover the top three threats to your brand in paid search that could mean you’re losing over 1/5 of your clickshare to rivals.

Getting rid of Brand Crashers

Get the guide to Brand Crashers: How to get rid of them & what to do next for 6 steps to successfully evict rival brands encroaching on your clickshare: 

  1. Clean up and assess the damage
  2. Work the room and make your case
  3. Bust a move and take action
  4. Report the rule-breakers
  5. Know your A-list from your D-list
  6. Enjoy your new VIP status

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To find out more about how Adthena can help you monitor brand bids and infringements and protect your ROI, take a look at our Brand Protection solution.