WINNERS: Adthena & customer GIMO have WON a European Search Award 2022 for Gaming.
Campaign Optimization

Discover strategic insights

Get the full picture of how your search campaigns are performing. Identify competitive gaps, take advantage of new opportunities, and optimize your ads.

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Maximize campaign impact, identify unique growth opportunities, and boost overall ROI with proactive competitor monitoring and precise analytics of your ads.

Get competitive clarity at scale

Discover daily market opportunities

Reduce campaign costs and expand coverage

Navigate turbulent markets and competitor moves

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Create compellingly clickable campaigns

Our AI-driven platform provides market-wide visibility across your competitive landscape so you can analyze, benchmark, and optimize every element of your ads.

Never miss an opportunity

Optimize your campaign with the power of AI and guided analytics

Monitor market conditions and forecast performance

Exploit competitive gaps with unrivaled data clarity

Uncover valuable new search terms. Or ones you’re missing

Discover new insights with AI-driven segmentation

Adthena’s level of keyword and competitor data granularity cannot be found elsewhere. We now reach more of our client’s objectives, helping them win in their competitive landscape.

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