Market Entry

Market Entry

Reduce risk, maximize ROI, and grow fearlessly

Gain clarity and confidence before you dive into a new market, vertical, or product category—with our Market Entry solution.

Know what’s ahead

Expanding into new markets is vital for growth, but it can also be a leap of faith. Without competitive visibility into a new environment, you’ll face unexpected costs, budget disproportions, and surprise challengers.

Our Market Entry solution lets you scope out the paid search landscape and competitive conditions ahead of time, so you know exactly how to move forward and hit the ground running.

Dominate from day one

Plan the ideal paid search strategy based on our AI-driven, transparent dataset

Reach the right customers with the right messages from the get-go

Maximize paid search ROI and avoid costly pitfalls

JD Williams used Market Entry to capture +38% market share within three months of entering the homewares segment.

“Adthena’s insights help us to map out new markets, identify search term opportunities, and refine and improve our campaigns and ad copy.”

Andrew Johnson, PPC Manager, JD Williams

When you know what you’re up against, you know how to win

Whole Market View technology gives you an AI-powered view of your entire competitive landscape, so you can fully assess market conditions and make data-driven decisions

Powerful competitive intelligence algorithms expose barriers and opportunities before you commit, helping you define the right messages, offers, and prices

Granular and transparent data helps you optimize your market entry strategy to reach the most qualified prospects for rapid growth

Proactive monitoring of competitor ads and search terms in a new market lets you identify threats and hurdles before you commit

Award-winning customer service professionals provide strategic guidance at every step of your journey

Market entry is just the beginning.

Learn about our full suite of solutions to sustain your new competitive edge and connect with consumers like never before.