Market Entry

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Proactively scope out the market landscape, competitive opportunities, and potential ROI well in advance to ensure paid search success.

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Understand the entire competitive landscape

Before you take a leap into the unknown, give yourself the best chance of success. Scope out market landscapes and the competitive environment. Hit the ground running. Why not?

Understand the competition and your potential ROI
Identify unique threats and opportunities
Define messages to engage your audience
Optimize your strategy for rapid growth

Neutralize threats

Take risk out of the equation

Dive into new markets with complete clarity and understanding of your categories and performance. Get the inside scoop on your competitors, their paid search planning, and how much budget you’ll need to compete.

Optimize your strategy, increase ROI, and soar into paid search nirvana.

See success from the jump

Once you know what you’re up against, you’ll know how to win. Every time.

Analyze market conditions at scale with Whole Market View
Watch your back & react to threats with Smart Monitor
Drill down and discover deep insights with AI categorization
Get guidance & support from our team of experts

Becoming the leader in the hybrid & electric car space is a key growth area for Volvo. Data-led decisions help us take advantage of this market opportunity and Adthena provides insights to strategically enhance our core proposition.

Dave Cottrell, Digital Experience Manager, Volvo

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