WINNERS: Adthena’s Local View wins two Global Biz Tech Awards 2022 for data & innovation
Strategic Advantage

Make data-driven decisions

Supercharge your strategy with market-wide competitive intelligence. Benchmark, forecast and boost performance for results your C-suite will love.

Join our customer base in seeing 6% sales funnel uplift with Strategic Advantage.

Boost business results with board-level intel on your markets

The world’s richest AI-driven dataset gives you a complete view of your digital landscape, from market dynamics to competitor strategies.

Make informed strategic decisions with competitive data clarity

Access competitive intel by region, market and vertical

Accurately forecast business performance

Engage with your customers more meaningfully

High-level insights

Intel to help you stand out from the crowd

Our search intelligence platform enables you to predict and analyze your competitors’ plans. Then reshape your strategy and boost your own brand engagement, customer loyalty, and return on ad spend. You’ll be a visionary in the eyes of your senior leaders.

Master all you survey

Stay in pole position with a dynamic view of your entire digital landscape. You’ll know your rival’s next move even before they do.

Define your digital marketing direction and stay responsive

Establish strategic leadership with in-depth performance analysis

Benchmark & monitor your performance to stay streets ahead

Analyze competitor strategies by location, product and time-of-day

I personally log in to the Adthena platform almost every day to understand where we are with Market Share, Share of Spend and digital competitor activity. This intel helps support group decision making on rapid growth and expansion.

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Why 90% of CMOs use search to inform decisions

In this 60 second video, you’ll discover the power of search intel to help you dominate in your market, pivot your strategy and influence the board.

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