Strategic Advantage

Strategic Advantage

Perfect your search strategy with market-wide competitive intelligence

Benchmark, forecast, and improve performance against your competition with our AI-powered Strategic Advantage solution.

Visibility is everything

Predict, analyze, and exploit competitors’ plans with our Strategic Advantage solution. You’ll boost brand engagement, customer loyalty, and return on ad spend because you’ll always be a step ahead of your market.

Let intelligence drive your advertising strategy

Get a complete view of your digital landscape, market dynamics, and competitor activities

Plan and execute winning strategies to reach consumers with the right message and offer

Proactively monitor and exploit moves by existing rivals and new entrants

“Adthena helps to provide insights that we can use to strategically enhance our core proposition.”

Dave Cottrell, Digital Experience Manager, Volvo

Put it all to work for you

Whole Market View technology lets you monitor and rapidly respond to market shifts, competitor movements, and opportunities to increase performance

Strategic intelligence provides clarity to exploit competitors’ weaknesses, optimize your digital marketing strategies and budgets, and maximize revenue

Data-driven forecasting reduces risk by accurately predicting your business performance at different spend allocations

Vertical market insights permit analysis by region, market, vertical, and more to optimize your strategies and budgets

Award-winning customer service professionals provide strategic guidance at every step of your journey

Strategic Advantage is just the beginning

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