Picture this: you’re getting great search performance in one city but hemorrhaging budget 30 miles down the road. What’s up? And what should you do? Google tools aren’t much help, but Adthena’s new Investment Intel view gives you actionable answers at a glance. 

Now, whenever you log in to Adthena’s Local View, Investment Intel will be your launchpad for greater spend efficiency everywhere you run search campaigns. 

Meet your new favorite metric: Spend Efficiency

Your Investment Intel page lets you instantly view and compare Spend Efficiency (ratio of Share of Clicks to Share of Spend) across all your locations in Local View.  This metric tells you how efficient your spend is by location for a specific search term group. 

On the same screen, you’ll also see share of impressions, search terms, and estimated market size to give context to your location-based performance and surface opportunities for optimization.

Above: Color coding makes it easy to track and compare spend efficiency by location 

How it works:

Step 1: Select a domain, location of interest and search term group 

Example: Let’s say you’re an auto brand running search campaigns in Tennessee and Alabama.

Step 2: Compare the Spend Efficiency of all your locations in a campaign 

Example: Investment Intel shows you at a glance that your spend is about the same in both states, but your click share is higher in Alabama, indicating better spend efficiency in that market. 

Step 3: Review additional metrics to get context 

Example: On the same page, you see that your market size is double in Tennessee, so it could be harder to gain market share. 

Step 4: Investigate 

Using Next Steps, you can unpack the reasons for your poor performance in Tennessee. You can:

  • Investigate market trends: do certain competitors have a larger share of clicks in Tennessee?
  • Investigate movements: is there a new competitor who has entered the Tennessee market and is bidding aggressively on the same search term groups?
  • Investigate search terms: are you missing a search term that competitors are using in Tennessee?
  • Investigate ad copy: what offers, CTAs and incentives in competitor ads are resonating with Tennessee consumers?

With this intel in hand you’ll be able to respond strategically, optimizing your search spend and managing efficiency across multiple locations – ultimately improving your ROI and return on ad spend (ROAS).

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For strategy optimization, budget justification and reallocation, and competitive and consumer insights for multi-location advertisers, Investment Intel is your new HQ.

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