They may both have warm climates, Gulf-coast beaches, and similar politics, but it turns out that when it comes to auto maintenance, Texas and Florida are two very different search markets. That’s the lesson of some recent analysis we did here at Adthena, and for at least one service brand, that difference is a big one.

We looked at clickshare over 30 days across all oil change-related terms for top competitors in the category in Texas and Florida. In Texas, Valvoline Instant Oil Change ( is consistently the top performer from a clickshare perspective, but they are losing out to and in Florida. 

(Above: Adthena data shows clickshare for Oil-change providers in Texas)

(Above: Adthena data shows clickshare for Oil-change providers in Florida)

Time for a local search tune-up should consider a more location-based strategy because while they have a six-cylinder performance in the lone star state, something’s malfunctioning in the sunshine state. 

What’s more, given that they have locations nationwide, there may be many more opportunities for the brand to optimize performance on a local basis. For that, you need location-based visibility. 

Without granular location-based data and insights, there’s no way for or any other automotive services brand to see or address regional discrepancies in performance. 

That’s why Adthena’s multi-award-winning Local View is such a vital tool for any search marketer. Only Local View can expose performance differentials by state, DMA, city, or any custom multi-location grouping you create, revealing specific areas of inefficiency and opportunity.

What could do to win over Floridians?

In this situation, might run a competitive Ad Copy analysis to see what promotions and calls to action are working for its competitors in Florida. 

They could also conduct a search term analysis with Adthena to see what terms competitors are targeting and that they may be missing out on. The Adthena platform not only shows you your current status, but it also provides the tools you need to improve your position.

Don’t get blindsided, deploy a localized strategy

By combining Adthena’s Local View with automated alerting from Smart Monitor, you’ll have a granular look at your performance in any locale and will never be caught off guard if the landscape shifts. 

  • Local View shows you what your audiences are searching for by location, which ad copy performs best, who your local competitors are, and which search terms perform in that location
  • Smart Monitor provides automatic notifications by location, telling you immediately what’s changed and where
  • Automated reporting (daily, weekly or monthly) from Adthena lets you benchmark and track your impressions, average position, CPCs, frequency, and spend as you optimize your local strategy 

All search is local search

Both your audience and your competition can vary dramatically by geography, so it pays to understand your performance on a local level using accurate data and insights.

For information about using Adthena’s Local View or to get started with Adthena competitive search intelligence, reach out to Chris Catania.