The Solution

PrettyLittleThing needed to get a handle on the new competitive set it would face in the US.

While there were multiple existing UK fashion brands to contend with, there were also established US brands, including brick-and-mortar stalwarts with online outlets and loyal followers. Even with high brand awareness, what they needed was a strategy to capture traffic at the bottom of the funnel.

By getting in-depth detail on share of clicks, spend, and impressions, the company was able to understand all of their niche, direct, and super competitors. And, they identified exactly which search terms their competitors were appearing on – connecting them with consumers who were ready to buy.

Thanks to Adthena’s competitive insights, PrettyLittleThing appeared on 1,400 additional terms with text ads and shopping ads compared to the previous year. As a result, they saw a massive 47% increase in share of clicks on generic text ads and a 225% increase in Google Shopping ads year-over-year.

“Search is the channel we rely on to drive lower-funnel decisions that bring in new revenue. With Adthena’s data, we were able to increase share and appeal to our trendy, fashion-forward customers who are already in the market for our products.

We now use Adthena for intel in six of our markets globally – and as we expand, we’ll continue to look to Adthena for insights.”

Matt Holmes, Head of Digital Marketing, PrettyLittleThing
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