WINNERS: Adthena’s Local View wins two Global Biz Tech Awards 2022 for data & innovation
US Industry Benchmarks

Who are the top advertisers in your market?

Get a snapshot of the biggest players in your market with Adthena’s Industry Benchmark tool. By understanding the top advertisers and their top search terms, you can identify competitor terms that can help inform your search strategy – so you can drive more successful campaigns.

Try it now by selecting your filters below. With data refreshed every Monday, check in each week so you don’t miss any changes in your market.

View your entire search landscape with Adthena

Adthena’s market-leading platform is the only place to see your entire competitive search landscape.  Our unique Whole Market View technology generates a custom-built map of your entire market, so you can capture every opportunity to boost campaign performance.

  • Track your search advertising universe every day
  • Leverage unique opportunities in your market
  • Automatically detect market threats and infringements
  • Stay on top of every competitive move

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