Why TRESemmé Should be Monitoring its Brand Presence

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Although TRESemmé does use paid search as part of its marketing strategy, it could take some tips from John Frieda and Pantene to be more effective.

We investigated which beauty brands were the most successful for top keywords in share of voice (SOV) – i.e. who had the greatest online presence in comparison to their competitors. We particularly focused on TRESemmé’s performance for the week from 3rd to 9th July 2014 in order to see if it could boost its presence using the share of top keywords.

Total Share of Voice by Total Search Clicks

Tresemme SOV total share conditioner

Adthena data

If we look at the total share of voice by total search clicks for the period from 3rd to 9th July 2014, TRESemmé only received 5.28% compared to competitors like John Frieda with 6.25% and Pantene whose search performance peaked at 13.03%.

TRESemmé can learn from Pantene’s example in its bid to boost online presence using the top keywords share. Almost a third of available search clicks in Pantene.com’s search landscape goes to media websites such as YouTube.com (13%) and Facebook.com (2%), while retailers make up to 20% of the landscape, including Amazon.com (6%) and Walmart.com (3%).

Overall, the integrated approach of both PPC and SEO effectiveness of these media websites delivers an extra layer of efficiency to their overall search activities, making existing budgets go further.

This improved visibility on Google search highlights an opportunity for health and beauty brands like Pantene and TRESemmé to work closely with these sites in order to engage with their audience at a key point of research and path-to-purchase.

Sponsored (PPC) SOV by Paid Clicks

Tresemme SOV paid clicks

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Sponsored (PPC) Share of Voice highlights the share of clicks that advertisers get on Google.com’s sponsored listings for the seven days ending with July 9th 2014. TRESemmé again dipped below Pantene with 4.06% in comparison to Pantene’s 15%.

This insight highlights that TRESemmé was not amongst the most visible hair care brands during that week, as they were not performing at the highest level of engagement by Search Clicks. TRESemmé should ideally spend more on its sponsored listings on Google so its brand presence can increase.

Natural (SEO) SOV by Organic Search Clicks

Natural Tresemme SOV clicks

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Natural (SEO) Share of Voice highlights the clicks advertisers get by organic appearances on the first page of Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for the seven days ending on July 9th 2014.

Media sites, Youtube.com (15%) and About.com (11%), are the most prevalent sites in Google’s natural results but TRESemmé trailed behind with 6.5%. By monopolising both PPC and SEO results, the media sites greatly increase their traffic, giving the impression that they are an established and trusted source of information for hair care products, advice and hair styling tips & tricks.

In order for TRESemmé to own the top terms here, it needs to compete with the big media sites like Youtube in the PPC and SEO results so a larger influx of traffic can be driven to TRESemmé.com.

Conditioner: All Search Term Variations for ‘Conditioner’

Search terms conditioner

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Search term variations for ‘conditioner’ provide insight into the consumers’ awareness of the branding of TRESemmé and its competitors. Popular ‘conditioner’ search term variations include ‘hair conditioner’ (40%) and ‘best hair conditioner for damaged hair’ (6%).

TRESemmé (12%) was the most popular brand associated with ‘conditioner,’ followed by Pantene (6%).

Keyword Group: Top Generic ‘Conditioner’ Search Terms

Generic conditioner

Adthena data

Keyword groups capture search terms that relate to a particular product, service or brand. The aforementioned ‘hair conditioner’ is the most popular search term, followed again by ‘best hair conditioner for damaged hair.’

TRESemmé could own the top terms by expanding their PPC campaigns and identifying popular areas to develop relevant content in, such as ‘damaged hair’ and ‘best hair conditioner’.

Top Adverts by Advertiser and Keywords

In terms of top advertisement efforts, TRESemmé is capitalising on its YouTube.com channel, engaging with users by highlighting hairstyles and help tutorials in their ad copy.

Aussie.com’s top ad was triggered by the search term ‘hairstyles’ followed by TRESemmé’s YouTube channel.

By identifying the best performing ad copy and related search term, TRESemmé could use these insights to test their own content marketing and PPC and SEO efforts.

Competitive Intelligence solutions, such as Adthena, would be able to help TRESemmé own the top terms by capturing their relevant competitive landscape, providing the most comprehensive competitive search intelligence solution available, because only by knowing and understanding your whole competitive landscape you will be able to stay ahead of the competition.

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