Jacamo were looking to expand their presence in the market and needed a competitive intelligence partner to provide data and insights that could inform their growth strategy.

With Adthena’s insights, Jacamo experienced the following results in the menswear and men’s suits category. The campaign was conducted in collaboration with the global media agency CARAT.

The Challenge

Jacamo were looking for data-driven insights that would improve the performance of their campaigns in the Menswear and Men’s Suits categories. The brand operate in a competitive market with competitors investing heavily in text ads and utilizing aggressive tactics in a bid to win clicks. One competitor had recently managed to capture a 12% uplift in share of clicks via a large injection of ad spend.

Google Shopping (or product listing ads) also presented a challenge for retailers in the space, with advertisers having to balance budgets and ad spend in order to ensure they maintained broad visibility in search.

The Solution

Jacamo employed Adthena’s Market Trends features to monitor each competitor’s share of the market. This was crucial to under- standing the interplay between Text and PLA ads, with regards to how visible each competitor was across the whole of the Menswear and Men’s Suits markets. Having this understanding of the market informed their own ad spend strategy, and ensured Jacamo were able to direct ad spend to the areas it would have the most impact.

Jacamo conducted ad copy analysis, monitoring how competitor’s introduced sales and promotions (such as “50% Off Sale”, or “60% Off”) into their ad copy at the start of the New Year. Their analysis revealed that their competitors were not using countdown timers in their ads (which allows advertisers to specify “days left” or “hours left” around specific promotions). This allowed them to capitalize on this gap in the market and increase click-through-rates on their ads. The result was a 32% increase in clicks (YoY) and a 21% increase in sales (YoY).

“Adthena gives us fantastic insights that are really actionable. We’ve seen a large increase in clicks as a direct result of the data and insights we get from the tool. It allows us to refine our ad copy and get better results from our campaigns.”

The insight

Adthena’s insights helps Jacamo to capture new market share, and ensures they maintain a leading position in the market.

Competitor marketing intelligence and analysis

Adthena’s Strategic Planning allows Jacamo to monitor ad spend and performance in their market. It enables the brand to see how visible competitors are across both text and PLA ads, and helps inform their own ad spend strategy.

Gap analysis and market opportunities

Adthena’s gap analysis features helps Jacamo identify new search term opportuni- ties, including long tail opportunities where they may be able to increase the reach and diversity of their search campaigns.

Ad Copy insights

Adthena’s ad copy insights, which draw from years of historic competitive data, give Jacamo the edge on their competition. Jacamo gain competitive insights around how and when key competitors are running promotions, and also key insights on how to improve ad copy and ad extension usage to increase overall clicks on their ads.

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