The Solution

Journey Further saw their client was already getting positive results from text ads, but they knew there was room to grow on Google Shopping.

To take full advantage of that channel, Journey Further first needed to answer key questions for their client – questions they couldn’t get from Google’s data alone. Where did they stand? And what kind of results could they expect?

Thanks to Adthena’s data, Journey Further could see a market-wide view of how their client was performing relative to category competitors. As a result, they knew where they ranked, where they needed to go, and who they needed to beat.

As a result, Journey Further delivered a 97% increase in revenue from Google Shopping campaigns and a 27% increase in impression share. To top it all off, ROAS also grew by 38% – making the client’s shopping campaigns a huge success.

Watch Journey Further’s story in 60 seconds with this video:

“Adthena gives us visibility into our entire market, and that has been a tremendous help for our Google Shopping campaigns. We had a hunch that we could be doing more on Google Shopping, but without the right data, it was hard to see how. By using Adthena, we’ve been able to see exactly how we rank against competitors, where we can become more aggressive, and how we can drive more revenue from our campaigns.

E-Commerce Manager at Home Furnishings Retailer
This project has been shortlisted for the UK Search Awards 2021.
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