The Solution

Neo Media World put Adthena’s infringement management tool to work for Sage to capture brand infringements at scale and hold partners and competitors accountable.

The extent of the problem was staggering. Adthena identified 89K infringements by a single partner alone over a 12-month period.

Sage has since used Adthena’s data to automatically police brand bidding problems and, when necessary, renegotiate agreements with its partners. The results have been impressive. Just five days after enforcing agreements based on Adthena’s monitoring, Sage saw a 75% decrease in CPCs for brand terms and a 33% decrease in partner impression share.

In addition to creating a powerful brand protection system for Sage, Adthena provides a continual stream of data to give stakeholders visibility into the competitive environment. Adthena not only helps Sage maximize ROI from its brand terms, it also enables the company to justify every dollar they spend on paid media.

“Adthena helps us objectively quantify and validate just how competitive our market is and when our position is at risk. That insight has been vital to securing stakeholder support to adequately fund paid media budgets and stay on top of our market.”

Shazia Kermally, Regional Paid Media Manager UK & Ireland, Sage
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