The Solution

Thanks to Smart Monitor, Koala is now the first to know about its competitors’ latest strategies.

Using Adthena’s AI-powered technology, Koala can immediately defend its position when competitors close in on its market share or target its customers. As a result, Koala has been able to reduce overall CPA by almost 45% and improve share of impressions on core product terms by 10%.

By leveraging Adthena, Koala can make informed decisions about campaign strategy in response to aggressive competitor movements. Beyond providing competitive insights, Smart Monitor also automates manual processes for Koala, freeing up approximately six hours of staff time each month.

“Smart Monitor allows me to make informed decisions on whether or not we need to defend our position and change our bidding strategy. Using this feature, I can easily identify threatening competitor movements or new competitors entering my search term groups.

For our business, it’s critical to stay on top of competitor movements, and now Smart Monitor is an essential part of that process. In many cases, Smart Monitor provides the insights that ensure we’re increasing our visibility online as much as possible.”

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