The Challenge

Nordic Choice have a large network of collaborators (eg. affiliates), with hundreds of operators who collaborate with the brand to drive traffic and conversions through search. Operating in online travel means that Nordic Choice also content with a complex landscape of meta-search sites and online travel agencies, all of whom compete with Nordic Choice in search.

Nordic Choice required a competitive intelligence solution that could help them understand the complexities of the travel landscape, and to provide actionable insights for optimization of ROI from the paid search channel. In particular, they needed data and intelligence to help them manage collaborator networks and monitor key brand terms to ensure they were achieving optimal brand visibility.

The Solution

To monitor collaborator agreements and ensure compliance on brand search terms, Nordic Choice benefited from Adthena’s Partner Management and Brand Protection solutions.

Adthena’s Partner Management solution helped them monitor and enforce agreements with their collaborators, providing robust data on infringements when and where they occurred so Nordic Choice could take appropriate action.

And to counter brand infringement threats from the wider competitive landscape, Nordic Choice employed Adthena’s Brand Protection features which allowed them to monitor their brand search terms with precision and scale.

As a result of these measures, Nordic Choice Hotels were able to establish new daily workflows to ensure they had the most relevant and robust data to guide their decision making.

“Adthena provides a huge benefit to Nordic Choice, enabling us to track what degree our competitors are bidding on our brands, and protecting our brand from infringement. As a hotel chain, the biggest benefit is keeping track of all our active agreements we have in search.”

The insight

Nordic Choice have brought competitive brand infringements under control, and continue to utilize Adthena for effective management of their collaborator network.

Brand Protection

Adthena’s data helped Nordic Choice Hotels quantify the scale and extent of brand infringements. In a complex competitive landscape, brand bidding from market rivals was driving up costs-per-lead, and with their customer success manager, subsequently created an action plan to help them address this.

Partner Management

Adthena Partner Management solution provided crucial intelligence for Nordic Choice, which enabled them to manage their networks. With precise monitoring of competitor groups as well as key brand search terms, Nordic Choice received timely alerts of infringements, allowing the brand to identify when compliance agreements were not being met. With key evidence of infringements recorded by Adthena, Nordic Choice had the intelligence they needed to follow up and take appropriate action.

Reporting and Success

Adthena’s Reporting features enable Nordic Choice to track and report on results and success after introducing key brand protection and partner management measures. This allows them to further measure and iterate on their campaigns and build toward further successes in the future.

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