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See the entire telecoms landscape

Whether you’re a telecoms brand breaking into new markets, managing an extensive network of affiliates, or an information technology provider fighting for the No.1 spot – Adthena can help you achieve your goals.

Our AI-driven technology gives you visibility of your entire relevant search landscape, so you can set your strategy for success.

Adthena is an absolute necessity for our search team. Leaning on Adthena, we were able to track click share data accurately and timely during the launch to quickly seize opportunities when competitors were slow to respond.

Daniel Foot, Paid Search Specialist, Vodafone

Your biggest challenges

With deep telecoms industry knowledge, we understand the toughest marketing challenges you’re facing right now:

  • Managing and policing affiliates cannibalizing your brand & driving up CPC’s.
  • Identifying threats & opportunities for growth on paid search.
  • Monitoring competitor activity in a blind auction means your paid search strategy is reactive rather than proactive.
  • With frequent new product launches, the competitive search landscape requires constant monitoring.
  • Limited visibility over your competitors’ ad copy means they can be eating up your paid search traffic with new offers.
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Adthena has the answers

Market-leading solutions

Our unique combination of AI-powered search intelligence and inside telecoms industry knowledge, will help you drive more value from your PPC budget.

Four distinct solutions will give you a clear view of the telecoms search market so you can make informed, strategic decisions and ensure success. You’ll be supported by our team of world-class industry consultants, and our automated Smart Monitor will alert you immediately to competitive shifts so you can take action.

Solutions for digital marketers

Discover how these global telecoms brands reached their goals with Adthena

From identifying new search terms to reigning in dealer efficiency, take a look at how these global telecoms brands achieved success with search intelligence: