Search intelligence toprotect your brandstop brand infringementssave brand budgetsin Google paid search

  • Auto-removal of trademark infringements
  • 24/7 Google Ads brand monitoring
  • Save time & reduce brand CPCs
  • Track every brand violation
  • Monitor affiliates & partners

Always-on protection for your brand investments

Your competitors never sleep when it comes to swiping your brand clicks. Luckily, our Brand Protection solution doesn’t sleep either. We’ve got you covered.

Make informed budget decisions on your brand terms
Proactively monitor your entire digital brand landscape
Prevent partners and affiliates from cannibalizing your brand
Catch infringements and protect your brand value

Brand Activator

Get back up to one in five dollars on brand search

That’s how much Adthena customers can save with Brand Activator. By curtailing spend on clicks you’re winning organically with no other bidders, you’ll cut paid search costs by up to 20%. 

In fact, our first 25 customers are forecast to save $1.8m collectively in the first year. Will you pocket the savings or reinvest for growth?

Auto Takedown

Protect your trademark, save time and effort

Auto Takedown shows you how competitors are using your trademark on Google without your permission, so you can take action and protect your most valuable asset.

Adthena monitors search terms hourly and focuses on your core trademark, identifying where it appears in rivals’ ads. Our market-leading tech then captures all details required to investigate and, with the push of a button, the infringement can be sent to Google for removal.