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Whether you’re a global bank trying to get an edge with ad copy or an insurance brand targeting customers state-by-state – Adthena can help you achieve your goals.

Our award-winning technology gives you visibility of your entire relevant search landscape, so you can achieve paid search success.

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Your biggest challenges

We understand the toughest marketing challenges you’re facing, and, with our rich industry knowledge and award-winning technology, we will help you solve them:

  • Branch closures impacting customer retention and engagement.
  • Identifying the best season and time to advertise finance products.
  • Understanding market or location conditions for new product and services.
  • Capitalizing on how users’ search behavior adapts to new financial regulations.
  • Keeping an eye on challenger brands and super brands in your markets.
  • Identifying the most cost-effective terms in an industry with high CPCs.

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Award-winning solutions

Our unique combination of competitive analysis, strategic insights, and a team of paid search experts will help you drive more value from your paid search budget.

Four distinct solutions provide a clear view of your digital landscape so you can make informed, strategic decisions and ensure paid search success. You’ll be supported by a team of experts, and our automated Smart Monitor will alert you immediately to competitive shifts so you can take action.

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From recovering lost revenue to steering the business through a crisis, find out how finance brands can succeed with search intelligence: