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Whether you’re a global car brand breaking into new markets, managing an extensive network of dealers, or a rental provider fighting for the top spot – Adthena can help you achieve your goals.

Our award-winning technology gives you visibility of your entire search landscape, so you can achieve paid search nirvana.

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Your biggest roadblocks

We understand the toughest marketing challenges you’re facing, and, with our rich industry knowledge and award-winning technology, we will help you solve them:

  • Managing and policing dealers who use your brand and cannibalize clicks. 
  • Understanding the right way to launch a new car or enter a new market.
  • Benchmarking performance vs competitors across specific categories, such as SUVs and saloons, or models.
  • Maximizing ROI, increasing conversions, and combating rising CPCs & CPAs.
  • Monitoring motor search shifts to identify opportunities for growth or new messaging.

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Adthena has the answers

Award-winning solutions

Our unique combination of competitive analysis, strategic insights, and a team of paid search experts will help you drive more value from your paid search budget.

Four distinct solutions provide a clear view of your digital landscape so you can make informed, strategic decisions and ensure paid search success. You’ll be supported by a team of experts, and our automated Smart Monitor will alert you immediately to competitive shifts so you can take action.

Discover how these global auto brands reached their goals with Adthena

From identifying new search terms to reigning in dealer efficiency, take a look at how these global auto brands achieved success with search intelligence: