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Lower costs, boost returns and dominate competitors with search intelligence

We go beyond what Google Ads shows you. See every competitor move in turbulent markets, and shape your strategy for success.

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It's time to put an end to unprotected Paid Search

When your brand is left unprotected in search, bids and infringements on your branded search terms drive up your CPCs, click share is diverted to competitors, affiliates and partners cannibalize your brand clicks and you stand to waste budget on clicks you’re already winning organically.

Take the first step towards safeguarding your brand with Adthena’s award-winning Brand Protection solution.

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Brand Activator

New automation tool could save brands millions. 

We’ve launched our innovative new Brand Activator automation tool to help enterprise brands save up to 20% on wasted paid search budget. The new platform feature automatically pauses bidding on search terms when a brand is winning organically and when no other competitors are bidding. 

Drive better value from paid search

Is Google’s black box of automation damaging your paid search results? Google Ads automation saves time and helps scale, but doesn’t control costs or quality.

Take a look inside the black box and take control of your destiny – with Adthena’s search intelligence. Adthena will help you tailor locations and messages, report on market changes, and spot growth opportunities

Market-leading technology. Human understanding.

Through a unique combination of patented, AI-driven technology, and a supportive team of experts, we help you dominate your competitive landscape in ways you never imagined.

We simplify your processes, allowing you to focus on what matters most to you, and your consumers.

Solutions for digital marketers

Dominate your competitive landscape with search intelligence

As the market leader in search intelligence, we go 
far beyond what Google Ads tells you. Partner with 
us to see every market shift and competitor move, then shape your strategy for success. Powerful stuff. And you can’t get it anywhere else.

Whole Market View A little knowledge goes a long way, so imagine what you could do with a map of your entire search market. Your days of operating in the dark are over.
Local View There’s a whole new dimension to search. You’ll see what your customers are searching for by location, which ad copy performs best and who you’re really competing with at a local level.
Smart Monitor If there’s an opportunity or threat in your market, you need to know about it stat. Only Smart Monitor alerts you immediately so you can take action.
Solution Services Our highly responsive team of experts provides guidance, analysis, and reports to help you achieve your full potential, maximize ROI, and achieve your business objectives.
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Meet Adthena's new CEO, Phillip Thune

Meet our new CEO, Phillip Thune, and discover why Adthena is the essential tool enterprise brands need to ensure success in GoogleAds. In this video, Phillip shares how customers are saving hundreds of thousands in search and reinvesting for greater ROI. Plus: find out what Adthena’s next phase of growth means for our customers.

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