The Solution

Allocate spend to gain market share
Adthena data revealed that Vodafone had lower market share than competitors for iPhone13 yet had the most competitive offers. Based on this insight, they increased spend on non-brand terms by 45%, which boosted impression share by 70% and orders by 500%.


Stop waste on Lone Rangers
Using Adthena’s Lone Ranger report, VodafoneZiggo paused spend on five terms for which they are the sole bidder and also hold the top organic position (known as Lone Ranger terms). Pausing these five terms saves Vodafone five figures annually.


Automate monitoring and reporting
Adthena automation saves the team about 16 hours per month 
 per person. And Adthena’s Auto-Takedown tool saves another 72
 hours per year by automatically monitoring and reporting 
trademark infringements.


Optimize Performance Max
Adthena provided vital visibility into Vodafone’s Google Performance Max test, including which terms they appeared on in their campaigns and which terms were unnecessarily driving up costs (e.g., brand terms in other languages). Eliminating those terms delivered five-figure savings annually.

The valuable insights we get from Adthena are simply unavailable elsewhere. Adthena shows us not only where we have opportunities to bring in more sales and revenue, but also where we can save money. It helps ensure that every hour and Euro we invest in paid search is spent wisely.”
Jerry Jacobs, Paid Search Lead

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