At its core, search is about making clear and strong connections with your audience through search ads. Your brand must stand out as a leader and provide a direct and unambiguous path to conversion. And strong, because your connection must be compelling, precise and relevant to your audience. 

So, how do you make a clear and strong connection with your consumers when everyone else is trying to do the same thing? And how do you protect your brand from being poached in search? 

Here are the four pillars you need to connect with consumers and grow your search campaigns:


1. Sustained growth – How do you know if you can make headway with a new audience without taking a leap of faith?

strategic solutions for search marketers - market entry Search can be a path to grow and expand your business into new markets, verticals, and product categories. But without visibility into a potential competitive landscape, you’ll face unanticipated costs and possible losses. You need a way to confidently enter new markets and categories, reach new relevant audiences and capture new revenue—without risk.


2. Powerful campaigns – Your audience knows who has the best offer in their ads, do you?

strategic solutions for search marketers - campaign optimizationIf your campaigns aren’t performing well and you can’t identify the causes, you’ll find yourself missing targets and stunting sales and revenue. Everything about your ads must be optimized to drive success and capitalize on unique opportunities, especially as conditions change.

3. Strategic offense – If there’s a new player in your search market, you need to know before your customers do.

strategic solutions for search marketers - strategic advantageDeploying sub-optimal search strategies can lead to inaccurate performance forecasting, lost revenue, and diminished market share because your message is getting lost. Visibility into your competitors’ strategies can help reduce that risk. You need proactive ways to seize opportunities and stay ahead of competitors and challengers.


4. Strong defense – Even a consumer searching specifically for your brand is vulnerable – and your rivals know it.strategic solutions for search marketers - brand protection

Branded terms are valuable search assets and powerful conversion drivers. That’s why 98% of advertisers poach clicks and customers by bidding on other companies’ branded terms, driving up costs, diluting performance, and confusing consumers. You need the right tools to successfully protect your brand equity and maintain a clear path to purchase.


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