PPC advertisers are scrambling after the news that Hitwise is suspending reporting for its customers until further notice. Hitwise paused its reporting as a result of the recent shutdown of its third-party data provider, Jumpshot, due to compliance concerns. 

All advertisers today rely on data to inform and drive marketing strategy. This data can come in different shapes and sizes, but its reliability should be constant. In an instance such as this, loss of any dataset supporting search strategy has a snowball effect on an advertiser’s entire digital marketing portfolio. Furthermore, depending on panel data never paints the full picture, with advertisers receiving information on a subset of their market – a search marketers worst nightmare.

In search, in particular, the cost of being blinded is high due to the fast-paced nature of the auction and constant changes in the SERP. In order to be successful Search Marketers must stay informed and always have the latest and most accurate view of their market landscape. There can be no data constraints. 

What advertisers really need is intel in order to do strategic benchmarking which allows them to predict, analyze and exploit competitors’ plans. Not to mention, a view into their entire search landscape, not just a partial aspect of it.  Also, collecting and procuring the data is also only the first step. Making sense of it in order to activate change takes top-notch analysis and reporting. Customizable and relevant reporting outputs are how search marketers can inch out the competition in a tight race for position one. 

Adthena offers a future-proof option for advertisers

Adthena’s ‘Whole Market View’ is a dynamic, AI-driven, data model that is unique for each advertiser, representing their entire relevant search advertising landscape – no slicing or dicing involved.  Unlike panel datasets, Adthena’s Whole Market View technology provides the comprehensive scope and quality of data required to precisely assess competitive opportunities at scale across an entire market, without any limitation. 

Adthena collects its own data and is thus not vulnerable to data disruptions that could impact our customers or their campaigns. Our approach does not collect PII, meaning that we’ll always comply with data regulatory organizations such as GDPR and the more recent CCPA.

Does this sound like something you may want? Reach out for custom reporting and more.

The Adthena team can provide immediate assistance with strategic benchmarking, market monitoring, and custom & automated reporting – powered by our Solution Services and delivered by our in-market vertical experts. 

If you have been affected by the Hitwise reporting suspension, request a demo and see how we can help.