Summer Search Trends: Keep your cool with Ask Arlo

Keep your cool as summer search trends heat up! Learn how Ask Arlo, the GenAI search guru, can help you uncover hidden trends, dominate competitors, and win the summer with actionable paid search strategies.

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Buckle up for Taylor’s epic Eras Tour, a festival season overflowing with musical adventures, and the Euros heating up the pitch. These events are about to turbocharge search trends this summer, and Ask Arlo is your search trend sensei!

Powered by real-time GenAI, Ask Arlo decodes your search data within the Adthena platform, delivering instant, personalized responses and reports. Confused about Eras Tour accessories or Euros travel deals? Ask Arlo has your back!

We asked our little feathered friend for some insight on this year’s summer search trends! 

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

When Taylor Swift’s Era’s tour approached its European leg, cowboy boots, sequins and tassels were top of mind as the Taylor Swift effect took a grip of Swifties everywhere!

So, how did this impact Shopping in terms including “Cowboy Boots”. Let’s Ask Arlo.

Adthena's Ask Arlo shows how The Eras Tour impacted Shopping in terms including “Cowboy Boots”.

  • seems to be the dominant player for this search term. They have consistently high visibility and might be a good benchmark for your own strategy.
  • and are also worth keeping an eye on. They show consistent presence, though not as strong as
  • It’s interesting to note that other fashion retailers, like,, and show a much lower share of voice.

“So Ask Arlo, what’s Temu’s secret? What’s their average price point for keyword cowboy boots?”

One explanation could be product price.

When analysing the shopping ads for to understand the average price point for keyword cowboy boots, we see that Temu are showing a range of products:

  • Lower-priced options: Many items are priced very competitively, ranging from £3.99 to £19.99. This likely appeals to bargain hunters and those looking for trendy, affordable fashion.
  • Higher-priced “cowboy boots”: There are a few ads specifically for “cowboy boots” with prices ranging from £13.15 to £42.97. This indicates caters to various budgets and styles within the “cowboy boot” market.

It’s worth noting that the average position of many of these ads is around 10-15, which means they may not always be appearing at the very top of search results. To improve visibility and click-through rates, might consider refining their bidding strategy or targeting more specific keywords for those higher-priced “cowboy boots.”

UK Festival Season

The UK festival Season is in full flow, with Glastonbury, Download and Wireless just a few of those on this summer schedule. 

Summer showers can easily dampen spirits! While Wireless might be rocking the scene, British weather is more like a temperamental rockstar. That’s why a waterproof jacket is the summer must-have. 

Let’s Ask Arlo to dive into the competitive landscape for the search term “waterproof jacket”.

Whole Market View - PLA waterproof

  • is leading the market with a significant share of clicks at 14.8%. This indicates strong visibility and engagement for their products in the “waterproof jacket” category.
  • and follow closely, capturing 11.39% and 9.72% of the clicks, respectively. Their strong positions suggest effective marketing strategies and competitive pricing.
  • holds the 8th position with a 3.43% share of clicks. While this is a respectable position, there is room for improvement to climb higher in the rankings.
  • Competitors like and are also performing well, indicating a competitive market landscape.

“Hey Ask Arlo, what titles is using for keyword waterproof jacket and what are the differences between how competitors position their products?”

  • Brand Emphasis: Regatta consistently emphasizes its brand in the titles, similar to The North Face and Amazon.
  • Product Details: Regatta includes detailed product types and additional features (e.g., Breathable, Water-repellent), appealing to customers looking for specific functionalities.
  • Seasonal Context: Regatta’s inclusion of seasonal context (e.g., “Spring”) is unique and can attract customers looking for seasonal products.
  • Target Audience: Regatta, like other competitors, specifies the target audience, ensuring the right customer segment is targeted.
  • Color and Size: Detailed color and size information is consistently provided, helping customers find the exact variant they need.

This analysis highlights the diverse strategies Regatta uses to position its products through shopping ad titles.

“Thanks buddy! Over the past four weeks, the market for “waterproof jackets” has seen some interesting dynamics among key competitors. What’s the story behind the numbers.”

  • Top Performers: Regatta and Amazon had the highest overall presence, with occasional spikes likely due to promotions.
  • Consistent Performers: Decathlon maintained a steady market share, while The North Face showed gradual growth.
  • Early performer, needs follow-up: Temu started strong but needs consistent marketing to maintain momentum.
  • Sporadic Performers: Macinasac, Revolutionrace, Craghoppers, Mountain Warehouse, and Passenger Clothing had lower overall presence with occasional spikes suggesting targeted marketing efforts.

The market for “waterproof jackets” is highly competitive with significant fluctuations in market share among key players. and have shown strong performances with notable peaks, while has maintained a steady but lower presence. The trends suggest that tarn, consistent and strategic marketing efforts are essential.

The European Championships

It’s coming home…so they say! Euro 2024 kicked off at the Olympiastadion in Berlin mid June, with 350,000 trips planned by UK supporters to the hosting country.

“Ask Arlo, looking at images used in shopping ads for me vs my top competitors in term “berlin hotel”, what are the key differences? What kind of images are the top-performing competitors using?”

Secret Escapes uses a balanced image strategy to appeal to a wider audience. They mix lifestyle shots (people enjoying the hotel) with product images (hotel rooms, amenities). This approach highlights both luxury and the overall travel experience.

Here are some recommendations for other travel brands based on Secret Escapes’ success:

  • Use more lifestyle images to connect with potential customers emotionally.
  • Balance lifestyle images with close-up product shots showcasing the hotel’s best features.
  • Tell a story through the images, showing not just the hotel but the experiences guests can have.

Ask Arlo, your GenAI-powered search trend guru!

Ask Arlo, powered by GenAI, can help you navigate the ever-changing search trends. Ask Arlo analyzes customer search data within the Adthena platform to identify key players and trends, uncover competitor strategies, and provide actionable insights to optimize your marketing and stay ahead of the curve.

Got a question? Go deep in the data with Ask Arlo.

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