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The Search Landscape: Finance [Report]

By Pat Hong — 18th September 2018 — Finance & Insurance

Customer acquisition in the online finance industry is changing. In saturated market conditions, where competition intensity has created high CPCs on generics, the battle for new customer acquisitions…

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Adthena at the Mobile Marketing Finance Summit

By Lorna Rose Gill — 10th September 2015 — Adthena

Did you survive? Back in April, the world of search underwent what was meant to be a massive shift, known, scarily enough, as Mobilegeddon. Prophesied as a shake-up so large it would see mobile…

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Why Mobile Matters in the Mortgage Industry

By Lorna Rose Gill — 30th June 2015 — Competitive Intelligence for Search

The Financial Conduct Authority released figures about mortgage lending in June, revealing that, although the lending market was down in Q1 2015 compared to the final quarter of 2014, the overall valu…

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Pet Insurance Comparison Becomes a Hot PPC Topic in 2015

By Lorna Rose Gill — 2nd June 2015 — Competitive Intelligence for Search

Experts predict a significant increase in the number of pet owners investing in insurance for their cuddly friends this year. How exactly will this affect current insurance provider offerings? (more&h…

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The End of the Tax Year Wasn’t Taxing for HSBC

By Lorna Rose Gill — 7th May 2015 — Competitive Intelligence for Search

The tax year has drawn to a close, and it should come as no surprise that banks and building societies have decided to push hard on their savings accounts and ISAs. But who came out on top in the end…

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MoneySuperMarket Leading the PPC Charge on Mortgages

By Lorna Rose Gill — 9th March 2015 — Finance & Insurance

Disclaimer: No client data was used to write this blog post. Why does MoneySuperMarket dominate the PPC market for mortgages? Will the other aggregators fight back, or will MoneySuperMarket extend it…

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