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The World of Search and iGaming – Infographic

By Oluwatofunmi Ayodeji — 10th September 2018 — Gambling

UK iGaming is one of the most competitive search verticals. The industry has many sector specific challenges, which include high CPCs, strict advertising regulations (such as remarketing/retargeting r…

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Making PPC and SEO Work for Each Other

By Lorna Gill — 24th September 2015 — Adthena

According to the old saying, ignorance is bliss, but any search marketer who uses it as their motto is probably an out-of-work search marketer. Gaining knowledge is one of the chief objectives of anyo…

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How one simple move by SkyBet changed its whole market

By Lorna Gill — 12th August 2015 — Competitive Intelligence for Search

Everyone has heard the expression “a one horse race”, but when it comes to PPC, there are always plenty of other horses out there hoping to be first past the post. Healthy competition can help kee…

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666Bet’s Loss is Smaller Competitors’ Gain

By Lorna Gill — 16th April 2015 — Competitive Intelligence for Search

When 666Bet and Metro Play’s shared betting licence was retracted last week, some smaller competitors played the game effectively, managing to gain a decent market share at a critical moment when th…

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