Welcome to our Meet the Team blog where we introduce you to some of our fantastic, talented people from across the Adthena business. 

Life of a New Hire

This time, we’re getting to know one of our fantastic new Adthenians and learning more about their first 30 days working with us.

We’d like you to meet Jess Kimber, our Junior Tableau Analyst. Jess works within the Business Intelligence team in the UK and joined in October 2021. Jess’s analytical, enthusiastic and inquisitive nature is perfect for her role and providing value to our customers through insights in bespoke reports, and helping them grow their business.


Why did you decide to join Adthena?

Jess: I specialise in data analytics, focusing on creating insights through data visualisations so when I found out that Adthena was looking for a Junior Tableau Analyst to join the team, it felt like a match made in heaven. The opportunity to join such an innovative and fast-paced business, where I would be solving complex problems, data challenges, and providing valuable insights to customers excited me and I immediately applied. In addition, Tableau has always been one of my favourite tools for analyzing and reporting on data, which made this position even more appealing. 

When I first looked into the company, it seemed like a very vibrant and diverse culture with great potential for growth. Not only that, but I would also have an impact on how they grow going forward which was quite appealing for me. Additionally, I was really drawn to the core values of the business, such as delivering remarkable quality and freedom and responsibility. It seemed like they put their core values into action, which was really refreshing.

How did you feel before starting your new role at Adthena? 

Jess: Joining a new company is always daunting and exciting. The nervous anticipation I felt when meeting new people and starting my new job was driven by the excitement of learning about an entirely different industry and working in a company that uses big data. 

How was your recruitment experience with Adthena?

Jess: Josh (Adthena’s Senior Talent Acquisition Manager) was amazing. He went out of his way throughout the process, even when I had questions coming at him like a freight train! The whole interview process felt very well structured but never overly formal – there were some casual conversations where I could be myself instead of an ‘interview’ version of myself.

What did you get up to in your first 30 days?

Jess: The first couple of weeks was a steep learning curve, but it was definitely worth it. Completing the Adthena and Google certification gave me the knowledge to get up to speed with what Adthena’s Business Intelligence (BI) team does on a daily basis, I also learned about the range of bespoke reports that the BI team create for our customers and how this can support them in finding additional insights about their search campaigns from our data.

The emphasis that Adthena places on onboarding and getting new employees started right makes them a stand-out company in the industry. My team was super welcoming and made me feel part of the team. 

What was your favourite highlight of your first month?

Jess: The Christmas party was really fun, but my biggest highlight has to be going into the office during those first few weeks, meeting my team and people from the wider business face-to-face. Another highlight was getting to work on client requests in the first month and provide insights for them so early into starting at Adthena. 

Any top tips for new Adthenians coming onboard?

Jess: The best way to get onboarded is by asking questions. Everybody wants you on their team, so don’t feel shy about asking for help in any way that might be needed. Just ask as many questions as possible and don’t feel shy even if you feel like it might be a really obvious question. 

“Everybody wants you on their team, so don’t feel shy about asking for help in any way that might be needed”

What do you love most about what you do?

Jess: It’s rewarding when we help our customers find the hidden gems within data that they may have otherwise missed. I also love that every day I learn something new and it’s quite a unique feeling to be constantly developing.

We offer a wide range of benefits for our people, which means the most to you?

Jess: The complimentary trainers were a nice touch; however the untracked holidays gives you a real sense of freedom within the company and everybody I’ve told is very jealous about that. Obviously with that comes the responsibility of ensuring you’re delivering on your objectives. 

As an Adthenian we live by four values, which one resonates with you the most?

Jess: Smart & always improving. Learning new things is very exciting, and I love to see myself growing both professionally and personally. Each day I’m improving my Tableau and analytical skills as well as thinking about new ways we can visualise our data to provide even more insights for our clients. In addition I’m currently taking the opportunity to code in Python which has been one of my goals but I never got a chance until now!


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