A Georgia law firm reduces brand infringements by 39% and CPCs by 25%

A prominent law firm in Georgia (US), had a massive amount of trademark infringements in the 9 markets they serve. Using Adthena, they were able to significantly cut their brand infringements and CPC’s in the first five months using Adthena.

Georgia law firm reduces brand infringements and CPCs using Adthena's Brand Protection
25% decrease in brand CPCs
Adthena's Ad Hijacking
Identified 44 competitors infringing on their brand
Adthena's Brand Protection
39% decrease in number of infringements

Main challenges

Whether a law firm is well-established or only starting out, paid search is a very effective marketing tactic that fits into a law firm’s overall marketing strategy. This Georgia law firm’s main challenges were:

  • A significant increase in total number of trademark infringements across the 9 different markets that they serve.
  • Competitors bidding on their branded terms and driving up their CPCs.
  • The Georgia law firm was not sure where to begin in tracking these infringements across 9 different markets and then what to do about them.


Using Adthena’s Brand Protection, this Georgia law firm was able to track all infringements by the hour on all of their brand terms. Adthena took away the stress and hassle of having to manually monitor and record infringers appearing on their search terms.

All infringements included the screenshots of each individual infringement. This allowed the Georgia law firm to see the competitors that were infringing on their branded terms. And allowed them to take appropriate action.

In the first five months using Adthena, this Georgia law firm identified 44 competitors infringing on their name. They have been able to get 17 of their competitors to stop bidding on their brand terms with more to follow.

As a result, in the first 5 months using Adthena, they were able to reduce their brand CPCs by 25% and reduce the number of infringements by 39%.

Exceeding customer expectations

Adthena has been instrumental in monitoring our trademark infringements on Google. The automated reports from Adthena have allowed me to not only reduce the number of competitors using our brand terms, but also reduce CPCs.

Manager of Digital Operations

Lower CPCs, manage trademark infringements, and safeguard your brand

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