Brand Protection

Using Adthena’s Brand Protection solution, Havas Market & Arena Media was able to monitor competitors using their client´s brand name in their ad copy. Havas Market & Arena Media realized very quickly the impact these infringements were having on their CPCs. They worked with Google to escalate the infringements reducing their overall CPCs.

Saving Time and Money

While Adthena provided all the details that Havas Market & Arena Media needed to escalate the infringements with Google, it also saved them time (on average, Adthena customers are saving 8 hours/week on infringement management). In September 2022, the total number of infringements dropped by 43% resulting in a 10% decrease in CPC.


“Adthena gave us more visibility into SERP activity. Without Adthena, doing the searches and understanding what happens on the SERP would take ages. Data is searched multiple times per day by Adthena, and some terms are searched every hour. We were able to understand how competitors’ strategies affected the client’s performance. You can react more quickly to what your competitors do.”


Havas Market & Arena Media

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