Wasting budget on traffic that you should be getting for free?

You’ve reached the top spot on the SERP for both paid and organic search terms, with no other bidder. So, why pay for those clicks when you should be getting them for free?

We call these “Lone Rangers” and Adthena can identify and pause your spending on them, reducing paid search costs by up to 20%. With our complimentary test using our award-winning solution Brand Activator, we’ll identify your “Lone Rangers” and highlight potential savings.

And now Brand Activator includes close variants in our savings calculation to more accurately reflect the way people search. And to more accurately capture additional savings for you.

How it works

  1. Book a call with our search specialist by completing the form below, and we’ll grab your top 10 brand terms
  2. Brand Activator will run a 7-day analysis to identify Lone Rangers within your target brand terms
  3. Receive a savings report to identify Lone Rangers and estimated savings Brand Activator can deliver 

You could get a 24x ROI with Brand Activator in place. Our first 25 customers have saved $1.8m on brand search budgets so far. Will you pocket the savings or reinvest in generic terms to drive new revenue?

Discover the award-winning Brand Activator: