Save up to 20% on Google Ads in 40 days

In an uncertain market, the last thing you need is wasted spend when it comes to protecting and optimizing your brand in Google Ads.

Your brand terms, customer experience, message, and USPs are yours to own and should be your safe space in paid search. Your home, your party. But it’s not that simple – rival brands are crashing the party, infringing on your terms, and hijacking 1 in 5 clicks.

Download the guide

In this guide, Brand Crashers: 5 steps to optimize your brand in search, we’ll show you how to take action against trademark infringements, prevent partners from cannibalising clicks, and save money on terms you’re already winning organically.

  1. Prevent partners & affiliates cannibalizing clicks.
  2. Eject the brand crashers (with the click of a button).
  3. Automate bidding on Lone Ranger terms.
  4. Save up to 20% of your brand budget in 40 days.
  5. Reinvest in high-performing terms for better ROI.