October 25 2023 – Adthena and customer VodafoneZiggo have been shortlisted for three Drum Search Awards:

  1. FINALIST – Consumer services – Adthena & VodafoneZiggo
  2. FINALIST – Technical Innovation – Adthena’s Brand Activator
  3. FINALIST – Search Software – Adthena’s Brand Activator

The  Drum Search Awards recognize creative thinking, strategy, and technological innovation, setting the standard for best practice.

Shortlisted stories:

Adthena & VodafoneZiggo – boosting orders 500%, saving time & money

Dutch Telecoms business, VodafoneZiggo, wanted to optimize its paid search performance to drive cost and time efficiencies and increase revenue, while protecting its brand from trademark infringements.

In utilizing search intelligence platform, Adthena, the brand gained unique analysis and insights into market trends, ad copy messaging, and Google’s Performance Max campaign performance, as well as alerts to competitors bidding on Vodafone’s brand terms.

By employing this holistic strategy, the business was able to not only hit all of its targets but significantly exceed them.

VodafoneZiggo gained a 70% boost in impression share, generated a 500% increase in orders and achieved a revenue that was 29% above its target. The business was also able to save over 60% of their paid search spend target.

The valuable insights we get from Adthena are simply unavailable elsewhere. Adthena shows us not only where we have opportunities to bring in more sales and revenue, but also where we can save money. It helps ensure that every hour and Euro we invest in paid search is spent wisely.” Jerry Jacobs, Paid Search Lead.

Read the full case study.

Adthena’s Brand Activator – saving marketers up to 20% on brand search ads

Adthena’s new platform feature resolves a longstanding source of inefficient spending in paid search advertising. It automatically pauses bidding on search terms where a brand is winning organically and when no other competitors are bidding.

Helping brands reduce waste on Lone Rangers

Lone Ranger terms are those brand search terms that are ranked #1 for a term in both paid and organic search, with no other rival bidders. Previously, many brands wouldn’t have had the resources to engage in the time-intensive task of identifying Lone Rangers and manually adjusting bidding on them – resulting in thousands of dollars wasted. But with the invention of our 24/7 monitoring tool, this is no longer the case.

Brand Activator automatically detects Lone Rangers for a customer and pauses bidding on those terms. What if a competitor re-enters the auction for that term? Brand Activator automatically resumes bidding so the brand doesn’t lose clicks or market share. The entire cycle is logged in detail in Adthena reports so search marketers can track all activities and savings. Using Adthena’s patented Whole Market View technology, these savings can then be reinvested back into paid search on higher-performing search terms to further increase overall Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Unrivalled in the industry, Brand Activator is now saving up to 20% of brand search spend for 25 enterprise customers in diverse verticals across the globe. One brand’s savings alone are already into the millions and the remaining customers are forecast to save $1.8m in the first year collectively.

Find out more about Adthena’s Brand Activator.